Regular physical activity is fun and healthy, and increasingly more people are starting to become a lot more active every day.  Being more active is safe for most people, however, some people should check with their doctor before becoming much more physically active.

If you are between the ages of 15 and 69 the questionnaire will tell you if you should consult your doctor before you start.  If you are over the age of 69 and you are not used to being very active, please check with your doctor before you start.

Whatever your fitness level and personal goals are, fill in the below form carefully and honestly and together we can start you on your  journey.

    Please answer ALL of the following questions:

    Are you currently under a doctor's care? YesNo

    Have you ever had an exercise stress test? YesNoDon't Know
    If Yes, were the resultsNormalAbnormal

    Do you take any medications on a regular basis? YesNo

    Have you recently been hospitalised? YesNo

    Do you smoke? YesNo
    Are you pregnant? YesNoNot applicable
    Do you drink alcohol more than three times per week? YesNo
    Is your stress level high? YesNo
    Are you moderately active on most days of the week? YesNo

    Do you have:
    High Blood Pressure? YesNo
    High Cholesterol? YesNo
    Diabetes? YesNo

    Is there any history of any parents or siblings who, prior to the age 55 had:
    A heart attack? YesNo
    A stroke? YesNo
    High Blood Pressure? YesNo
    High Cholesterol? YesNo
    Known Heart Disease? YesNo
    Rheumatic Heart Disease YesNo
    A Heart Murmur?YesNo
    Chest Pain with Exertion? YesNo
    Irregular Heartbeat or Palpitations? YesNo
    Lightheadedness or Fainting? YesNo
    Unusual Shortness of Breath?YesNo
    Cramping Pains in Legs or Feet? YesNo
    Other Metabolic Disorders? (thyroid, kidneys etc) YesNo
    Asthma? YesNo
    Back Pain (upper, middle or lower)? YesNo
    Other Joint Pain? (please explain below) YesNo
    Muscle Pain or any injury (please explain below)YesNo

    If you answered YES to one or more of the above questions, you should:
    Talk to you doctor before you become more physically active. Tell your doctor about this Par-Q form and explain which question(s) you answered yes.
    You may be able to any any activity you want - as long as you start off slowly and build up gradually. Or you may need to restrict to those that are safe for you. Talk to your doctor about the type of activities you wish to participate in and follow your doctor's advice closely.



    Bournemouth Fitness Group is run by David – he empowers you to achieve your goals, and no matter what age you are or your fitness level, he will steer you through and adapt so you can achieve your goals and be part of a family.

    I am sixty one, so for any age or ability he promotes good mind set with encouragement and a smile.”  – Chrissy

    As a single mum of 2, I’m always busy running around after the children, but now they are a bit older and I’m working it’s harder to stay fit and feel good.

    Morning sessions with David have been the perfect way to push myself and set myself up for the day. I’m really enjoying doing this for myself and I have so much more energy. Thank you David for all of your support and encouragement!– Leylah

    I was sadly forced into early retirement from an active sporting life in my early 60’s due to spinal problems.  I desperately wanted to continue some form of dynamic exercise but lacked the motivation to do so and was nervous about my physical limitations.  I happened to meet David socially but very soon realised that he had an unswerving but infectious determination to improve the well being of his clients. He has a charismatic but holistic approach to his exercise regimes which is highly motivating. He gave me the inspiration to train again which all others had failed to do.

    David is skilfully diligent in tailoring exercise programmes to suit the individual’s condition and he is constantly aware of your limitations. His real strength, however, is his ability to EMPOWER you to achieve your personal goal and to sustain that level of well being. He is a constant source of advice on diet and relaxation as well as your mental and psychological health. His regimes are light hearted but robust and most of all invigorating. He comes highly recommended.– Phil

    Bournemouth Fitness Group is unique in its support of its community. David empowers people with subtle mentoring and effective shared belief in better physical and mental wellbeing. BFG supports all levels of fitness, structuring bespoke group and individual activities and interventions that instil a desire to be better, for personal goal achievement and collective community wellbeing that builds a cohesive, determination for resilience and recovery– Peter

    I have used personal trainers in the past but never felt so motivated as I do with David …. and getting motivated at 55 is no easy task! David gives gentle encouragement and knows exactly how far to push me without sending me running back to the wine bar! David is not only helpful but genuinely interested in the health and fitness of his clients. What better way to set you up for the day than a workout on the beach. Fantastic for the mind as well as the body. Thanks David. Keep up the good work!– Linda

    “My aspiration is to join the British Army, but knowing they have a vigorous physical entry test, I knew getting into shape quickly had to be my top priority.  David came to me via recommendation from my dad, because he had been training with David for some time and was confident he would help me reach my goal.  Though I’ve only been training with him a few weeks, I can already feel myself getting much fitter and stronger.  David has pushed with me beyond my own expectations, in such a manner that is encouraging, but yet demanding in n a fun kind of way.  Normally going to the gym I would just go through the motions, with the belief that I’d done enough, but never really feel or saw any results.  David has also given me some valid tips on a healthy eating plan to aid my fitness and recovery.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the next few weeks bring.  I would highly recommend David to anyone!– Adam